Year of the Calibrachoa

Few types of plants have seen the rise to stardom that the Calibrachoa has. From the first plants trickling into the US market during the late 1980’s, to the first of the Japanese breeding which arrived as Million Bells® in the early 1990’s, things have exploded. They were such beautiful plants but, at first, they were fairly hard to grow. However one thing was certain, they did beautifully in hanging baskets and pots, although maybe not so much in the soil of the garden. As it turns out, container gardening was the future, making them the right plant at the right time. Over the course of the last 20-30 years, Calibrachoa came from Brazil to Japan, to Europe and America, and then into your garden. When you consider that most of our other garden flowers have been around since the early 1800’s or even the late 1700’s, Calibrachoa is still a bit of a “new kid on the block”.


Source: Content and images provided by National Garden Bureau. For more information click here.