Wildflower of the Year

plains_coreopsis_single_mediumPlains coreopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria)
is the Kansas Native Plant Society
2017 Wildflower of the Year (WOY).

Plains coreopsis is 2 to 4 feet tall with many yellow and reddish brown terminal flowers blooming June through September. Leaves are divided, narrowly linear and oppositely arranged on the stem. This species is found in damp disturbed areas, roadside ditches and low, sandy to silty mixed grass prairies and floodplains statewide. Plains coreopsis is in the Asteraceae or sunflower family.

plains_coreopsis_bunch_mediumPlains coreopsis is the first annual species the plant resources committee has chosen for WOY. It is a cosmopolitan plant existing throughout the state that can produce stunning displays of color along roadsides.

plains_coreopsis_field_mediumIt is also easy to grow in gardens from seed. The Latin word tinctoria means “to impart color” and flowers can be cut and soaked to produce a colorful dye.

Plains coreopsis photos by Michael Haddock.

For more photos and a detailed description of Coreopsis tinctoria, visit kswildflower.org.

For more information on this and other Kansas natives, visit Kansas Native Plant Society.

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