Summer Garden Delights When daylilies are mentioned, many people picture the orange daylilies from their childhood. These “ditch lilies” as they were called, could be seen in the ditches of rural areas, along streams and around many rural and city homes. Even today, ditch lilies still thrive in these locations. Today, daylilies offer a rainbow of color combinations and a

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Butterfly Bush

Ambrosia for butterflies, blooming shrub for the garden Can you guess which plant tops the list of “Best Plants for a Butterfly Garden”? Its name is a huge hint. Of course, Butterfly Bush Buddleia (also Buddleja) reigns Number One. This sun-loving shrub produces nectar-filled blooms that always seem to be the most popular among butterflies. If by chance there might

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Hosta–still king of shade plants and 
easy for every gardener to grow Why Hostas Hostas continue to reign as the king of shade plants. In fact, they remain the top selling perennial in the country, surpassing the ever-popular daylily by a factor of two in sales volume. Hostas tolerate shade where many plants do not. But why are hostas so

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Kentucky Wisteria merits space in midwest gardens Wisteria is a genus that can be divisive in the plant world. Their unmistakable blooms can transport you to another land, filled with afternoon tea and romantic whimsy. In the wrong location, wisteria’s long, rambling vines will transport you to the Little Shop of Horrors. Wisteria is a member of the pea family (Fabaceae).

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Parade of Top Ten Newcomers

Annuals to covet and grow Impatiens ‘SunPatiens Compact Tropical Rose’ Can you believe ‘SunPatiens’ are celebrating their 10 year anniversary? Ten years of rollicking good fun, phenomenal new introductions, and, in effect, turning the impatiens world on its ear from Day 1. New for 2017 is ‘SunPatiens Compact Tropical Rose’, the first of the compact ‘SunPatiens’ to offer variegated yellow/green

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