What kind of weather can you expect in MARCH?

for the month of March

Highs and Lows
avg temp 44°
avg high temp 53°
avg low temp 34°

Clear or Cloudy
avg nbr of clear days 7
avg nbr of cloudy days 16

Rain and Snow
avg snowfall 3.6″
avg rainfall 2.5″
avg nbr of rainy days 10

Source: WeatherReports.com


Planting Dates

Plant Above Ground Crops:
17, 20-22, 25, 26

Plant Root Crops:
4-7, 31

Control Plant Pests:
9, 10, 13-15

25, 26, 31

Plant Flowers:
17, 20-22


Source: Harris’ Farmer’s Almanac

Moon Phases

Full Moon:  1st
Last Quarter:  9th
New Moon:  17th
First Quarter:  24th
Full Moon:  31st


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