Lenora Larson

Lenora Larson

Lenora is a Miami County Master Gardener and member of local chapters of both the Idalia Butterfly Society and Kansas Native Plant Society. She maintains a 2 acre NABA (North American Butterfly Association) certified garden in the English Estate landscape style on her 27 acre property, Long Lips Farm, in rural Paola, Kansas. The garden is also certified as Monarch Waystation #875, a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and as a Pollinator Garden by the Xerces Society. She is on a mission to demonstrate to other gardeners that you do not have to compromise on beauty and function when you invite wildlife to share your garden.

Lenora is a proud ‘science geek’ with a degree in microbiology from Michigan State University, a career in molecular biology and a life-long interest in wildlife, especially the creepy and crawly. Her passion for butterflies began as penance when her husband caught her killing the ‘Parsley Worms’ on her dill. She writes the Caterpillar Food Plant section for every issue of the national Butterfly Gardener magazine and contributes a monthly ‘About Butterflies’ column to The Kansas City Gardener magazine. She also attended the prestigious Cranbrook School of Art and fills her garden with hand-made sculptures and decorated vessels.

A frequent presenter to gardening and community groups, Lenora channels her inner butterfly to combine science and entertainment. Photographs of butterflies, caterpillars and their host plants illustrate the butterflies’ field of dreams: ‘plant it and they will come.’

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