Rose Rosette, devastating disease

Expert rosarian, at Loose Park in Kansas City, Mo., Judy Penner reviews rose rosette disease that is spreading.

Excerpt from her article: The website,, has an extensive list of Rose Rosette Disease symptoms as well as great pictures of the disease. Rose gardeners may also submit pictures of their roses that are showing symptoms of RRD to the website. The experts that analyze the pictures will give a response or may ask for a sample of the rose if they need more information to determine if your rose has RRD. 

The website also has a map showing the locations where Rose Rosette Disease has been reported. Unfortunately Jackson County and Johnson County do not have any reports on the map and I know that we have had RRD in our garden and many other growers in the area have had RRD as well. 

I would encourage you to go to the website to get help with identifying and learning about Rose Rosette Disease as well as reporting any RRD that you have had in your garden.

Click here to read her entire article.

Photo credit to American Nurserymen.




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