Alan Branhagen

Alan Branhagen is a garden and landscape designer who received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University and a Master of Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University with emphasis on planning, plants and design with nature. Though trained as a Landscape Architect, Alan is an all-around plantsman and naturalist (specializing in botany, birds and, butterflies). 

He joined the Powell Gardens team as Director of Horticulture in 1996 and supervises all design and management of horticulture in the gardens as well as the 970-acre property’s natural resources and wildlands. His design for the Island Garden won the top, large garden design award for use of perennials by the Perennial Plant Association. Alan designed the permanent planting scheme for the Heartland Harvest Garden (America’s largest edible landscape). 

Alan wrote The Gardener’s Butterfly Book in 2001 published by the National Home Gardening Club and his new book Native Plants of the Midwest is to be published by Timber Press in October 2016. 

Alan gardens at and is in the process of restoring his 6-acre home landscape of woods and prairie where over 1,500 taxa of plants reside, and where 181 species of birds and 72 species of butterflies have been observed. Alan has visited gardens and natural areas throughout the country but nowadays prefers to be in his own Midwestern landscape he has named Hearts of Luna Ridge.

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