‘Tis the Season for Bulb Planting

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Dutch Master

Top 10 Daffodils for Your Yard and Garden

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Barrett Browning

So how do you decide which varieties to plant in your garden? Start with these 10 timeless favorites. All have proven to be

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vigorous, sturdy and reliably perennial. They include many different flower styles and bloom times, so you will get a full month of spring color every year.

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Pink Pride

Want to learn more about growing daffodils? You might be interested in reading:

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Best Daffodils for NaturalizingTypes of Daffodils to Know and Grow, Daffodils 101 and All About Daffodils. Or how about the History of Tulips and Daffodils, How to divide spring bulbs or How to plant

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Daffodils properly? There is a wealth of great information about daffodils and more on our National Garden Bureau members web sites.

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Look for more information on the Year of the Daffodil and Daffodil pictures.

Thank you to Kathleen LaLiberte, Longfield Gardens

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and for providing this information. And thank you to National Garden Bureau for the photos.

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